The Real Truth of an MBA Graduate

Not everyone gets the job that one had dreamt of before joining a b-school. The author over here has put down a one-sided story of his agony, grief and about feeling betrayed by one of the premiere institutes of the country.

Lemme provide you The Real Truth of this MBA graduate.

The author might be a great human being, but a person is not cut out for everything and the character in Mr. Shankar’s story is a prime example as to how delusional the Indian society has become for an MBA degree and the fat paycheck and prestige it brings to an individual.
I am sure you have heard of this template a lot, B. Tech >> Work ex >> MBA (from tier 1 institute) >> Placement with a fat paycheck.

The Real Truth is what no one mentions. The real truth is that out of the crowd of people who join any premier b-school in India, only 40-50% are able to get their dream job…unless you crack IIM A/B/C, ISB (I am not mentioning XLRI here coz this post already holds a derogatory reference to it), which clearly is not the case here. Nobody mentions about the competition that one faces from his/her batchmates. Nobody mentions as to how only the people who manage their time and curriculum well come out with flying colors. Further, nobody mentions that how most of the students do not stand at the mercy of the professor to pass them by a grade and instead these students choose to study hard and earn their grades.

At the end, it is the hard work and capabilities that have developed while studying at any of these premier institutes that truly makes an MBA graduate. This is the Real Truth for any MBA graduate. Period.

There are several factors that nobody can control during the placement process. The college that has been defamed here surely doesn’t want any of its students to be unplaced. No points in guessing that.
The author safely assumes that he will not face any competition in the college during the placement season and he will safely land a good paying job. Lemme tell you, people from the current batch have confirmed that the author got at-least 6-7 opportunities during the placement process. The author couldn’t compete in an of these processes and hence this derogatory post about his alma-mater. You might try and still fail in academics, but the point is that one needs to try.

This derogatory post (obviously very subtly put) about an institute poses a very serious question on the attitude of the author in professional space. Probably, when he gets a job and starts working and doesn’t get promoted, what will follow is another post titled “The Ugly Truth of a Corporate Guy”. He might hold his organization at ransom by threatening another post on social media. Well this is only one of the many scenarios that might happen.
And my friends, Success is a journey, and it take a lot and let me re-iterate, a lot to be successful. If Mr. Shankar’s definition of success is to insult his alma mater and get a job and relax then here is another fact, Mr. Gauri Shankar is an XLRI alum FOR LIFE, he is the person who insulted his alma mater and this tag is gonna be with him FOR LIFE. And you know the irony lies in the part that Mr. Gauri Shankar has written on his LinkedIn profile along side his name “An XLRI MBA graduate”. kudos Mr. Shankar, kudos

XLRI, since 1949 has produced immense success stories and people who have really given their everything to reach there and come out with flying colors. People who have shaped industries and businesses.

I really hope that this post reaches out to everyone on LinkedIn because this post is a reminder to everyone as to how important working hard is, how important it is to not take things for granted. Even if you crack a premiere b/t-school, you need to work hard and you might fail but what keeps really keeps one going is the zeal to do better and not give up ever.