10 New Secret Smartphone Features You Won’t Be Able to Live Without

10 years ago, when there were 10 things to do, you needed 10 devices. Now, with a smartphone, you can make calls, text, watch TV shows, read the news, and make payments. And there’s even more to it.

We at New Mag found a few really useful functions in your smartphone that will make your life easy!

10. Lock screen message

  • Imagine you lost your phone, and the screen is¬†locked with a¬†graphic key. You are the only one who knows that unique code, right? Even though it¬†may look like you won‚Äôt see your device anymore, you just might!¬†Using a¬†special feature in¬†a¬†new version of¬†Android, just leave a¬†message on¬†the lock screen. For example, you can ask to¬†have it¬†returned.
  • Go¬†to¬†‚ÄúSettings‚Äú¬†‚ÄĒ ‚ÄĚLock screen and security‚Äú¬†‚ÄĒ ‚ÄúLock screen signature.‚ÄĚ Now write a¬†backup phone number or¬†your email there. Done!

9. Smartphone return option

  • If¬†the lock screen message is¬†not enough, then use an¬†anti-theft app. Such apps (Cerberusis¬†one of¬†them) can take pictures, activate a¬†mic, block the phone or/and delete all the data on¬†it, locate it¬†via GPS, or¬†even¬†use a¬†loud signal to¬†draw the attention of¬†people nearby.

8. Save the memory

  • Sooner or¬†later, the memory on¬†your device gets full. This is¬†when you can use a¬†flash memory card, cloud services like¬†Dropbox, or¬†back up¬†your data onto a¬†PC. But wait! There‚Äôs another cool option: just upload all your data to¬†Telegram Messenger.
  • Telegram allows you to¬†send files, texts, and links to¬†yourself. You can use it¬†both as¬†a¬†notepad and cloud storage. Just find your number there, and start using¬†it.

7. Phone as CCTV

  • Use an¬†old smartphone to¬†create a¬†simple security system for your home. An¬†app¬†with a¬†motion sensor function¬†will turn your device into a¬†CCTV cam that takes pictures when someone appears in¬†view. It¬†will send photos to¬†you right away.
  • More details on¬†how you can assemble such a¬†gadget can be¬†found¬†here. You can also turn the smartphone into a¬†video-nanny for your baby (here is¬†an¬†app¬†that reacts to¬†selected noises). But remember that using specifically designated devices is¬†always the best choice!

6. Dash cam

  • You can also use your smartphone as¬†a¬†DVR (dash cam) in¬†your car. All you need to¬†do¬†is¬†install your cam so¬†that it¬†has the best view of¬†the road.¬†To¬†make it¬†work even better, use special DVR¬†apps.
  • Using a¬†real DVR in¬†your car is¬†always the best choice. However, when on¬†a¬†trip in¬†a¬†rented vehicle, such a¬†DIY dash cam may be¬†very useful.

5. Access to the magic menu

  • If¬†you are really serious about your smartphone and use it¬†all the time, you may as¬†well change its settings like a¬†professional. To¬†do¬†so, you need to¬†go¬†to¬†the Developer Menu.
  • Go¬†to: ‚ÄúSettings‚Äú¬†‚ÄĒ ‚ÄĚAbout the phone‚Äú¬†‚ÄĒ Click 7¬†times on¬†‚ÄúModel Number.‚ÄĚ
  • Congrats! Now you‚Äôre the developer!¬†Using this menu, you can improve the overall performance, signal reception quality, and system appearance.

4. UV light

  • A¬†UV¬†light can be¬†very useful, especially if¬†you want to¬†check the authenticity of¬†banknotes.¬†DIY by¬†utilizing some tape, markers, and a¬†smartphone, of¬†course.
  • Stick a¬†piece of¬†tape to¬†the flashlight, and paint over it¬†with a¬†blue marker. Repeat step one, paint it¬†purple, then add 2¬†more layers the same way. Done! To¬†learn more about how to¬†do¬†it¬†yourself, click¬†here.

3. Smartphone construction level

Any smartphone now has an accelerometer and a gyro sensor. Both allow it to determine the device’s position in space. Download specific apps for Android and iOS, and your phone can replace a level device. It will definitely work for small construction. However, use real tools for a professional construction.

2. Interesting stats

  • Does your family complain that you have become a¬†smartphone addict?¬†Then it¬†is¬†time to¬†think about it¬†and find out how addicted you are by¬†looking at¬†some interesting stats.
  • On¬†iOS, simply go¬†to¬†‚ÄúSettings‚Äú¬†‚ÄĒ ‚ÄĚBattery‚ÄĚ and press the dial key to¬†the right of¬†the ‚Äúlast 7¬†days‚ÄĚ column. A¬†list of¬†your most-used apps will appear. For Android, you will have to¬†install one more app (yes, again an¬†app), such as¬†Instant.

1. Monochrome mode

  • Do¬†you want to¬†save your battery and your eyesight?¬†Then use your smartphone in¬†monochrome mode while reading. Go¬†to¬†the ‚Äúmagical‚Äú developer‚Äôs menu, and find ‚ÄĚsimulate anomaly,‚ÄĚ then switch the monochrome mode¬†on. Now your phone will work in¬†black and white.